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1&1 Versatel is a reliable partner for national and international carriers, Internet service providers, resellers, and cable and mobile network operators. As well as standard services for transport networks, interconnection, colocation and IP services, we implement special solutions for our customers’ individual requirements.

Transport networks

A strong network for your data

In the 1&1 Versatel network, you can use globally standardised transmission procedures to firmly comply with set bandwidth guidelines. Bandwidths range from 2 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps. Up to 10 Gbps is possible using DWDM technology.

1&1 Versatel provides capacities for all common connection technology types, and ensures the operation and monitoring of all system technology. The high performance of the network and the 24-hour network management centre guarantee that the availability of connections and transmission technology is always at least 99.99%.

  • One of the largest and most efficient networks in Germany, with over 61,000 km of optical fibre
  • Several regional rings, and approx. 100 individual city networks
  • Redundancy/connection concept
  • High-performance MPLS backbone
  • Transmission capacity of up to 100 Gbps throughout Germany
  • Fibre optic-based Ethernet connection with guaranteed latency periods
  • Dark fibre networking on request
  • Implementation and project management


Use powerful voice networks

1&1 Versatel operates a national voice network, and clocks up two billion voice minutes with national and international carriers per month.

We are involved in interconnections between the networks of other providers that have a point of presence (POP) in Germany. This allows other carriers to route their voice traffic through the 1&1 Versatel network.

  • Network interconnection (voice interconnection) for the supply and termination of national and international landline and mobile minutes, as well as for the processing of service numbers.
  • vTNB: Hosting your port ID in the 1&1 Versatel network, including routing, transport, SIP IC and fraud management.
  • Value-added services: National and international service numbers on a powerful, multi-redundant IN platform, ACD systems, web RTC and much more.
  • 1&1 Versatel combines the voice network activities of the corporate group with a high level of vertical integration throughout the entire product life cycle.

IP services

Benefit from broadband access through an IP uplink

Through its own backbone network, 1&1 Versatel offers other carriers and service providers high-availability data transmissions with short transfer times. This is made possible by redundant interconnections with various international public Internet exchanges, and the integration of various caching platforms of the main content providers into the network.

The IP uplink can be adapted to individual bandwidth requirements. 1&1 Versatel provides scalable ports with up to 100 Gb and flexible usable bandwidths.

  • Public Internet exchanges
    • DE-CIX with 2 x 500 Gbps
    • AMS-IX with 400 Gbps
    • LINX with 100 Gbps
    • PeeringCZ with 100 Gbps
    • BCIX with 200 Gbps
    • DE-CIX Hamburg with 100 Gbps
  • Caching platforms (Akamai, Google, Netflix, Facebook)
  • Nationwide (in Germany) MPLS backbone with up to 700 Gbps
  • IP transit products with up to 100 Gbps
  • Geo-redundant interconnections with almost all Tier 1 providers
  • 30 fully redundant POPs nationwide
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack


Rent your high-security data centre

Save time setting up and expanding your own data centres. Increase protection against failure, as well as functional and operational security, with redundant systems. Your data will be in safe hands in one of our external high-security data centres, with first-class infrastructure.

Our local server housing locations will give you full control, thanks to the highest security measures and high-performance operational organisation, linked to the redundant lines of 1&1 Versatel's own backbone network.

  • Linked to the high-performance backbone network of 1&1 Versatel
  • Permanent monitoring by our experts
  • Access guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Raised floor for air conditioning
  • Fire alarm or fire extinguishing system
  • Earthing/equipotential bonding system
  • Uninterruptible 230V single cabinet supply
  • Other optional services

White label services

Become a telecommunications service provider

With our white label services, we are an ideal partner if you want to become a telecommunications service provider. We have several years of experience, and work nationwide with various city network operators.

Our customised solutions meet the highest demands. We cooperate with municipal works, municipalities, communities and local authority bodies wanting to invest in their own fibre optic network.

  • Wholesale voice and Internet products, up to 1 Gbps
  • Individual CRM client, incl. billing services and receivables management
  • Customer management and operational services (full service)
  • Various components and service modules tailored to your corporate structure
  • Increased network utilisation thanks to an OPEN ACCESS platform connection
  • Direct network connection via a nationwide fibre optic network
  • Optimally supplemented by L2BSA products


Sell VDSL connections nationwide

1&1 Versatel is currently the only Layer 2 marketer through which VDSL products can be marketed nationwide. Over 500 BNG locations throughout Germany ensure the greatest possible network coverage and potential to connect customers.

With 1&1 Versatel, you can benefit from a large number of BNG connections for very favourable prices, which you can pass on to your customers to make yourself and your VDSL products stand out from the competition.

  • Connection to over 500 BNGs
  • Layer 2 Bitstream access (L2BSA) to the VDSL telephone network
  • L2BSA access as an alternative to the WIA gate
  • Process management incl. automated order processing through interfaces
  • Also available as a white label product

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