Peering-Policy 1&1 Versatel
1&1 Versatel GmbH


1&1 Versatel seeks to interconnect its IP network with other Internet backbone providers. Requests for peering with 1&1 Versatel backbone are handled on an individual-case basis. 1&1 Versatel practices a "selective" peering policy.

1&1 Versatel Peering common guidelines

Peering partner

  • MUST announce routes consistently
  • MUST have an active 24/7-NOC and an abuse address
  • MUST NOT point default, reset next hop, or advertise third party routes
  • MUST peer with both IPv4 and IPv6 (Dual Stack)
  • MUST maintain up-to-date contact information at

1&1 Versatel additional criteria
for Private Peering

  • Traffic between our networks MUST be > 30G
  • Peering partner MUST peer with us at least in 2 locations
  • Peering partner MUST be able to interconnect at 100G Ethernet port capacities
  • On special request it is possible to connect with 10G
  • 1&1 Versatel supports the use of LR and ER optics
  • 1G connects are not supported
  • Costs for cross connects should be shared

1&1 Versatel additional criteria
for Public Peering

  • 1&1 Versatel prefers peering via IX route server(s)
  • At each IX 1&1 Versatel is present, we always have connection to all route servers and send all of our prefixes

Guidelines for direct sessions

  • Peering Partner MUST connect to the minimum of 2 IX connections
  • 1&1 Versatel prefers to have connections to you with all IX we are connected to
  • There must be (or):
    - enough traffic between our networks >10G
    - the count of prefixes must be >200 IPv4 or >50 IPv6

More Details at

We are pleased that you want to peer with us. Please send your peering requests to including the following information:

  • Contact information
  • PeeringDB entry

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